Cognition And Motivation

Goal orientation and its application

It is in the seeking to conquer a mountain, that hills are climbed.

It is in the seeking a new shore, that swimming is achieved.

It is in the seeking to understand, that learning is achieved.



It is in the mistaking of a hill, for a mountain, that ego creates the delusion of glory.

It is in the mistaking of swimming, for the shore, that ego creates delusion of mistaking the destination for the journey.

It is in the mistaking of learning, for understanding, that ego creates the delusion of mistaking opinion for knowledge.


Achievement is a past tense noun.

It is not a verb


Accuracy should guide perception not egoistic wants.


If you want better cognition you must first recognise errors you have made in assuming the end is the means.

Learning does not create understanding, analysis does.

Swimming does not achieve a new shore, navigation does.

Climbing does not achieve a mountain, context does.


So, to properly understand goal achievement as an achievable process requires …





These are the three core function of sustainable progress.

If you review all of human history you will find all three are required for civilisation.

Where only two or one appear in public discourse the civilisation collapses.

Consider your own life ….

Consider the good decisions and the bad decisions.

The good decisions have analysis, navigation, and, context.

The bad decisions contain only one or two of the three.

This is how to live.

Analyse, Navigate, and Contextualise.

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Information Management 

All data gains meaning from placement in a wider context.

The wider context is a map. 

Thus NOOLOGY (the study of the processes of the mind) leads to noocartography (the study of the storage systems of the mind).

Mind maps are usually habitual and ingrained through culture and experience. 

Mind maps are limited to the experiences of the individual.

Neuroplasticity allows for adaption of maps and integration of multiple maps. 

Thus many 2 dimensional maps may be used to create a 3 dimensional map. 

The challenge in the information age is embracing map integration as a method for rapid data contextualisation 

This is an effective technique for the management of media saturation or information overload.

Map integration is not a skill from education.

It is a skill of the polymath. 

All human beings are capable of polymath integration.

Why then does cultural education continue to compartmentalise and specialise to isolationism all facets of human endeavour? 

Quite simply to control the thinking of the populace through information management.

Inhibit the map integration and the propaganda controls the mind. 

All PROPAGANDA relies upon lack of context.

The blind following of fools occurs because people don’t integrate their internal mind maps.

Accordingly, it is a paramount requirement of the 21st century, for the human species to broadcast and reinforce map integration as a popular norm. 

Do you know that you can integrate your internal maps ?

Have you ever tried?

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Economics 101

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Money is not a thing.

Paper is a thing. Coins are a thing.

Money is a value associated with a thing not the thing itself.

That value is NOT absolute. 

Money is a relative measure of exchange called currency.

Currency is issued through the banking system under the authority of a government. Modern banking also allows for currency to be issued on the basis of loan contracts.

The value of any currency is based upon the judgement of traders in the currency.

The judgement of the traders in currency depends upon their perception of the management of a country’s trading and borrowing.

Currency reflects the quality of management of a country’s borrowing and trading.

Currency, being predominantly built on investment, is driven by the debtors trust in the system of paying back loans, both by government, and by individuals and organisations.

Money reflects the dynamics of trust within a society.

The distribution of money within a society reflects the trust strategies of its participants.

A hierarchical class distribution of money is the more common in capitalism as this reflects the the hierarchical trust strategy of predation.

The distribution of wealth (currency and values) in a society directly reflects the distribution of trust within that society.

An untrusting society creates an extreme polarisation in the distribution of wealth.

Such master / slave dynamics are now the common norm throughout modern societies.

The more society values predation over sharing, competition over cooperation, the greater the disparity in wealth distribution. 

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NOOLOGY / Systems Psychology

There are three primary systems that drive the modern human.

These three systems are inherited from evolution.


The reptilian inheritance 

 Biological autonomy of the organism 


Self management

Mapping of the feedback of the internal systems

The unconscious


The mammalian inheritance

 Sociological autonomy of the organism in a social environment.


Social management

Mapping of the societal feedback from the family, group, tribe, culture.

The subconscious


The cromagnon / denisovian inheritance 

(The semantic hominid)

 Perceptual autonomy of the self image


Identification with icons of mapping rather than the organism.

The virtual self

Mapping of the thoughts, feelings, and perception of interdependence with the environment

The conscious mind 

All three systems are mutually dependent but can become over prioritised at the expense of the other two.

This usually leads to the destruction of the organism.


Thus, all modern humans are the result of three discrete evolutionary systems working together to further survival.

It is the interaction of these three systems that produce the bulk of experiences known as life.

It is important to recognise that all three systems are maps that adapt to experience, and all three systems can interfere with eacher others maps.

This often so results in mapping errors.

Thus subconscious mapping can distort conscious mapping, and can impact unconscious mapping.

Examples include self annihilation, suicide, murder, sadism, sociopathy,  and psychopathy.

The secret of success for a modern human is to achieve a successful juggling of these three systems to achieve a meta state of harmony called wellbeing.

This very rarely happens.

This is by design.

Disharmony is more successful at species perpetuation than harmony.

Evolution as a process can create great complexity,  but sustainability requires integration.

Neither the human culture nor the human values are focused on integration of the three mapping systems.

Integration is usually retarded.

Thus potentials for sentience are usually truncated.

Most modern humans are habitual victims of Disharmony and, through learned helplessness, become self determined to their own disposability.

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Media conditioning …

Mass Media Influence and the Normalisation of Illness

The following defense behaviours are seen as commonplace :







Reaction Formation

Stockholm Syndrome




Acting Out


Freud would be proud of his creations as they now rule the public mainstream …

Have you noticed these in politics and government behaviour ?

Have you noticed these in the characters portrayed in mass media enertainment ?

Have you noticed these at all ?

Or are they so ubiquitous as to be invisible ?

1. One of the commonest side effects of a society corrupted by mass media is the prison of narrative conditioning

Since all mass media is presented as stories then reality becomes processed as stories..

People become narrative dependent..

There are even moves to declare narrative dependency as a necessary state for healthy wellbeing…

That is like telling a slave their chains are necessary for their Health !

Narrative conditioning is pervasive, a trick of NLP, and commonly found in training regimens for counselling.

Nobody is questioning it !

2. It should be obvious by now that Freudian Reaction Formation lies at the heart of Stockholm Syndrome and battered wife mentalities..

It remains the reason why you love abuse, both by your foci of desire and by Authority

3. The biggest enemy of reason is not religion…

It is tribalism !

Whilst you are determined to be part of a tribe you will suffer the stupidity of group think !

Only children need peers !

4. Humanity seems less like a sentient species and more like naked anxiety monkeys hitting each other with their security blankets…

Both childish and pathetic!

5. If you insist on clinging to security blankets from your childhood like ‘cultural values’, then you will fall prey to the childish conflicts that go along with such divisive, elitist, bigoted, and segregating worldviews.

6. By pandering to your vanity the mass media has you completely hoodwinked and so do all the political and authoritarian control systems …

This really is 1984 not 2014 …

30 years of social retardation !  Just think about that !

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

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Bureaucracy Bubble

An Expose on Compartmentalised Tick Box Management

An independent observation of the systems within large organisations, both public and private sector, reveals an endemic malfunction of agendas and implementation.
This failure of coordination is rooted in a cognitive dissonance between expected behaviour and mammalian nature.

The classic rhetoric of teams is flawed by a refusal to recognise the common habitation of mimickry of perceived leadership.
Thus any team that includes an an alpha leader will foster a hierarchy around that dominance.

It is therefore commonly observed that most teams do not operate as equal participation, but instead defer to status politicking around perceived influence.

Does this mean teams will always become hierarchical?
No !
The appearance of hierarchical politicking is dependent upon the type of leadership role modelled by the perceived leader.
Thus hierarchical leadership fosters hierarchical conflict and political agendas, but equitable leadership produces equality of participation within the team.

The consequent effects result in hierarchies becoming battlegrounds of political malfunctions, whilst equitable, participatory teams increase efficiency in accessing individuals resources.

It therefore becomes crucial for efficiency in any organisation that alpha leaders are never placed into teams.
Indeed, it behooves any accountable organisation to never employ alpha leaders in team positions.

This reality of efficiency dictates the necessity that all Human Resource placements and allocations be subject to best practice governance !

It is in this facet that all public sector systems fail.
The governance is itself a tick box bubble, that neglects the consequences of poor placement on operations throughout the organisation.
Thus management becomes an exercise in mitigating the harmful effects of hierarchical politicking, often at the expense of effective operation and application of resources.

This, in a nutshell, is why large organisations become weighed down by bureaucracy.
It is also why official agendas often result in severely corrupted results, as the agendas have to compete for focus with hierarchical politicking.

Another interesting observation is that bureaucracy is entirely correlated to hierarchical politicking.

The more hierarchical the organisation’s style of leadership, the greater the bureaucracy !

This is why communism systems fail, not due to principle, but due to dishonest leadership, declaring equality, whilst demonstrating dominance !

This is also why family dynamics are commonly a political battleground, because the care giver whilst declaring equitable care, also demonstrates dominance.

This shows how endemic the habitation to dishonest beta status politicking is within the rearing of common humanity.

It should be clear that the solution to organisational innovation and improvement rests not with chasing alpha leaders, but with implementing HR governance to maintain team equity at all levels of the organisation !

Bureaucratic failure is not a weakness of systems, but a weakness of alpha style leadership !

Power and efficiency are often hazardous to each other 😉

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