NOOLOGY / Systems Psychology

There are three primary systems that drive the modern human.

These three systems are inherited from evolution.


The reptilian inheritance 

 Biological autonomy of the organism 


Self management

Mapping of the feedback of the internal systems

The unconscious


The mammalian inheritance

 Sociological autonomy of the organism in a social environment.


Social management

Mapping of the societal feedback from the family, group, tribe, culture.

The subconscious


The cromagnon / denisovian inheritance 

(The semantic hominid)

 Perceptual autonomy of the self image


Identification with icons of mapping rather than the organism.

The virtual self

Mapping of the thoughts, feelings, and perception of interdependence with the environment

The conscious mind 

All three systems are mutually dependent but can become over prioritised at the expense of the other two.

This usually leads to the destruction of the organism.


Thus, all modern humans are the result of three discrete evolutionary systems working together to further survival.

It is the interaction of these three systems that produce the bulk of experiences known as life.

It is important to recognise that all three systems are maps that adapt to experience, and all three systems can interfere with eacher others maps.

This often so results in mapping errors.

Thus subconscious mapping can distort conscious mapping, and can impact unconscious mapping.

Examples include self annihilation, suicide, murder, sadism, sociopathy,  and psychopathy.

The secret of success for a modern human is to achieve a successful juggling of these three systems to achieve a meta state of harmony called wellbeing.

This very rarely happens.

This is by design.

Disharmony is more successful at species perpetuation than harmony.

Evolution as a process can create great complexity,  but sustainability requires integration.

Neither the human culture nor the human values are focused on integration of the three mapping systems.

Integration is usually retarded.

Thus potentials for sentience are usually truncated.

Most modern humans are habitual victims of Disharmony and, through learned helplessness, become self determined to their own disposability.

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Media conditioning …

Mass Media Influence and the Normalisation of Illness

The following defense behaviours are seen as commonplace :







Reaction Formation

Stockholm Syndrome




Acting Out


Freud would be proud of his creations as they now rule the public mainstream …

Have you noticed these in politics and government behaviour ?

Have you noticed these in the characters portrayed in mass media enertainment ?

Have you noticed these at all ?

Or are they so ubiquitous as to be invisible ?

1. One of the commonest side effects of a society corrupted by mass media is the prison of narrative conditioning

Since all mass media is presented as stories then reality becomes processed as stories..

People become narrative dependent..

There are even moves to declare narrative dependency as a necessary state for healthy wellbeing…

That is like telling a slave their chains are necessary for their Health !

Narrative conditioning is pervasive, a trick of NLP, and commonly found in training regimens for counselling.

Nobody is questioning it !

2. It should be obvious by now that Freudian Reaction Formation lies at the heart of Stockholm Syndrome and battered wife mentalities..

It remains the reason why you love abuse, both by your foci of desire and by Authority

3. The biggest enemy of reason is not religion…

It is tribalism !

Whilst you are determined to be part of a tribe you will suffer the stupidity of group think !

Only children need peers !

4. Humanity seems less like a sentient species and more like naked anxiety monkeys hitting each other with their security blankets…

Both childish and pathetic!

5. If you insist on clinging to security blankets from your childhood like ‘cultural values’, then you will fall prey to the childish conflicts that go along with such divisive, elitist, bigoted, and segregating worldviews.

6. By pandering to your vanity the mass media has you completely hoodwinked and so do all the political and authoritarian control systems …

This really is 1984 not 2014 …

30 years of social retardation !Β  Just think about that !

2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

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Bureaucracy Bubble

An Expose on Compartmentalised Tick Box Management

An independent observation of the systems within large organisations, both public and private sector, reveals an endemic malfunction of agendas and implementation.
This failure of coordination is rooted in a cognitive dissonance between expected behaviour and mammalian nature.

The classic rhetoric of teams is flawed by a refusal to recognise the common habitation of mimickry of perceived leadership.
Thus any team that includes an an alpha leader will foster a hierarchy around that dominance.

It is therefore commonly observed that most teams do not operate as equal participation, but instead defer to status politicking around perceived influence.

Does this mean teams will always become hierarchical?
No !
The appearance of hierarchical politicking is dependent upon the type of leadership role modelled by the perceived leader.
Thus hierarchical leadership fosters hierarchical conflict and political agendas, but equitable leadership produces equality of participation within the team.

The consequent effects result in hierarchies becoming battlegrounds of political malfunctions, whilst equitable, participatory teams increase efficiency in accessing individuals resources.

It therefore becomes crucial for efficiency in any organisation that alpha leaders are never placed into teams.
Indeed, it behooves any accountable organisation to never employ alpha leaders in team positions.

This reality of efficiency dictates the necessity that all Human Resource placements and allocations be subject to best practice governance !

It is in this facet that all public sector systems fail.
The governance is itself a tick box bubble, that neglects the consequences of poor placement on operations throughout the organisation.
Thus management becomes an exercise in mitigating the harmful effects of hierarchical politicking, often at the expense of effective operation and application of resources.

This, in a nutshell, is why large organisations become weighed down by bureaucracy.
It is also why official agendas often result in severely corrupted results, as the agendas have to compete for focus with hierarchical politicking.

Another interesting observation is that bureaucracy is entirely correlated to hierarchical politicking.

The more hierarchical the organisation’s style of leadership, the greater the bureaucracy !

This is why communism systems fail, not due to principle, but due to dishonest leadership, declaring equality, whilst demonstrating dominance !

This is also why family dynamics are commonly a political battleground, because the care giver whilst declaring equitable care, also demonstrates dominance.

This shows how endemic the habitation to dishonest beta status politicking is within the rearing of common humanity.

It should be clear that the solution to organisational innovation and improvement rests not with chasing alpha leaders, but with implementing HR governance to maintain team equity at all levels of the organisation !

Bureaucratic failure is not a weakness of systems, but a weakness of alpha style leadership !

Power and efficiency are often hazardous to each other πŸ˜‰

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Sustaining the Sanity Boundary

An Expose on the Corruption of Civilisation for Mass Control of the Populace

Human beings, in common with other mammals, find evolutionary advantage in living as groups.
This presents problems with the innate development of individuality.
To resolve this conflict all group species develop cultural codes for social behaviour.
The aim of these codes is to sustain a balance between the needs of the individual and the needs of the species group.
In humanity these cultural codes are often complex and prone to hijacking by dominant individuals.
Thus, the history of human cultures is littered with the tales of social control, social upheaval, and social revolution.
All of these episodes follow the same repeating pattern of repression, rebellion, and salvation.
It is in the last cycle that we find the seeds of the first.
Every Salvation will promote future repression.
The challenge for the species is to achieve rebellion without salvation, thus breaking the religious cycle of the New leader being better than the Old.
This failure to achieve rebellion to autonomy is a direct result of childhood conditioning where peer conflicts are resolved by parents.
Thus within any social rebellion, there will always be opportunistic predators, who can fool the populace into thinking they have found a reliable and trustworthy superparent in their leadership.
Thus rebellion to autonomy is inhibited by parasitic leadership sowing the seeds of future repression.
The mechanisms for parasitic leadership are many and varied, but operate with a common thread of religious authority.
Thus religions have been the commonest source of social repression throughout human history.
Only when the species groups have recognised this parasitic will democracy become possible.
All current labels of democracy are merely repression management via religions, and the controlled opposition dynamics of PR!
Whilst people continue to believe in a Saviour, they will NEVER achieve autonomy!
The power of prophets lies NOT in their understanding , but in the offer of salvation they foster in the public mind!
Adults do NOT need salvation !

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Mirror Culture

An Expose on Media Driven Child Rearing

The experience of the modern human female role in society is predominantly sadomasochistic. This is well recognised.
However, as a side effect of this sadomasochism, there appears a compensating strategy of OCD behaviors.
The commonest observable OCD is the application of makeup and clothing as a means to intensify an image to give the (compensating) illusion of control.
This dependency upon intensified imagery acts as a security blanket to protect the psyche from its social vulnerability.
As a major side effect, this dependency creates a perspective distortion that results in an image lifestyle having greater psychological weight than reality.
Thus the commonest forms of female behaviours are often  obsessive illusions like romance and idolatry.
As the female then rears its young within this environment, so the issues are passed on and the modern virtual reality neurosis becomes the norm.
This is amply evidenced by the modern person needing to be emotionally, and mentally distracted as much as possible.
Media has become part of the psychological compensating security blanket to avoid facing social vulnerability.
Thus the modern human is too busy having a lifestyle to have a life.
Lifestyle becomes an institutionalised state of neurotic dependency.
The consumerist economy is reliant upon this being the norm.
So modern society is a self reinforcing loop of imagined living as opposed to real life.
The average person lacks the ability to quiet their mind, and is far too nervous to quiet their emotions, as this would expose the illusionary nature of the virtual reality of images they depend upon for psychological stability!
Along with this dependency on lifestyle goes the homogenisation of imagery.
Because imaged lifestyle is a security blanket, then it is prone to the associated issues of emotional security of similarity neurosis, also known as group think, or hive mind.
Thus lifestyles are always prone to hierarchical imagery and class/stereotyped limitations.
Thus the search for an individual image is always a fantasy escapism !
It is therefore a litmus test for the mental health of a society to examine the perception of nakedness/nudity, i.e. Without the overlay of image.
This is more commonly evidenced by the concept and treatment of pornography within cultures.
Pornographic representations and erotica are clear guides to the emotional wellbeing and mental health of a society.
The more repressed, the more sadomasochistic a society becomes.
This is readily evidenced by religiously devout societies !

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Hive of the Cyclops

An Expose on the Industrialisation of Education

Human beings have long valued the application of group activities to better their survival, from hunting as a pack to bring down more powerful predators and quick-witted prey, to the community gathering activities for efficient harvesting of local flora.

This application of group activities includes a natural opportunity for inter-generational education and training.

Thus the knowledge base of the species is always far greater than that contained within single individuals.

Indeed, it could be argued that the sharing of information lies at the very centre of the successful survival of communities.

Those individuals who are motivated by power and greed find within these situations a fertile ground for exploitation.

The history of religions attests to this gullibility within the group information sharing systems.


The history of mass communities reveals the application of religion as one of the primary means of orchestrating, controlling, and maintaining authority over large communities.

What is immediately apparent from this historical overview is the complete cognitive dissonance over what constitutes a religion.

For most of historical rhetoric, religion is limited to the orthodoxy of death cults and cultural moralities.

In reality, however, the religions that actually operate are driven by familial values, and world views that maintain the dynastic genetic agenda of the local hierarchies at the time.

Thus we see throughout the history of civilisations the application of religious rhetoric in politics and economics.

It is therefore appropriate to conclude that both political theory and economic theory are religions.


The colonialisation of the world by the British empire coincided with the industrial revolution.

This allowed for the new religion of hive mentality to thrive in the world views of the indentured servitude of modern economics.

Please read that sentence again!

Thus the modern industrial economic system became a world of economic hives replacing human communities.

This has been abundantly reflected in cultural horror memes and populist film media.

Along with this worldview of hive mentality came the reshaping of education into a conditioning for the masses.

Thus education became a means of religious instruction rather than a sharing of knowledge for understanding.


As a side effect of the dynastic genetic agenda of the hierarchies, there has developed the idea of one primary source of truth in all systems.

The religious idea that there is authority in facts, ignoring the reality that facts are independent of authority πŸ˜‰

This monomania has produced both a myopic and tunneled vision of the environment.

This tunnelled vision has been repackaged into the terminology of specialisation to support the mentality of the industrial hive.

Thus education has been dove-tailed into multiple tunneled viewpoints of reality rather than the overview of accuracy.

The moralism of specialisation has resulted in an entire educational infrastructure based on the premise that specialisation is a necessity for understanding.

So those who have spent the most time completely immersed in one subject to the exclusion of all else ( obsession ) are lauded with social approval and cultural validations (degrees, masters, doctorates, etc.)

This is like saying that only through a microscope is accurate observation possible.

Β It is worth noting at this point how distorted the worldview of individuals becomes based on their repetitive behaviours … staring down a microscope all day will produce tunnel vision πŸ˜‰


All human beings recognise the diversity of landscape and how any place exists in context with the landscape.

This awareness is lost when education forces the mentality into myopic and tunnelled perceptions.

Exactly the same loss is incurred during repetitive employment.

So we see modern industrial economics producing a caged, hive mentality, where all the environment resembles all other environments.

Thus all major modern cities look identical, thus reinforcing the hive mentality.

The interesting thing is the escapist holiday mentality invariably seeks out landscapes that are just as much part of the hive world view as their workplace.

A hotel is just another apartment block πŸ˜‰

Diversity VS Homogeneity

The primary side effect of the hive mentality is the loss of diversity due to the homogenising effect of sameness of environment.

Thus socialisation has become the process of adapting to a hive homogeneity, rather than adapting to a diverse community.

During this modern process much of the social skills and interpersonal skills of negotiation, and compromise are lost.

This has produced a society of individuals who are less resilient and less able to cope and adapt with a changing environment.

This loss of skills is evident in the modern phenomena of stereotyped perceptions and iconism of perceptions.

The reality of the hive mentality is an observable dumbing down of the mentation and an infantilism of the emotions.

In effect, the species has institutionalised itself within its own religious orthodoxy of economic exploitation.


This religious orthodoxy of economic exploitation has corrupted the education system into repetition of knowledge for profit only, and wholly controlled research by only researching into that which can be exploited for short-term gains.

Thus the development of education and knowledge has stalled, and become insular in its self-seeking profiteering.

This state of the education system has, of course, bled back into society as a whole and resulted in social organisations experiencing the same myopia, and short-termism in their operations and planning.

This has also corrupted the operations of all large organisations and resulted in bureaucracy degrading functionality and stifling innovation in operations of all businesses.

  • The average employee has absolutely no clue as to the operations of the larger organisation.
  • The average scientist has absolutely no clue as to the science of other subjects.
  • The average soldier has absolutely no clue as to the strategies or agendas of the military command systems.
  • The average boss has absolutely no clue as to the day-to-day operations of their employees.
  • The average Professor has absolutely no clue as to the diverse operations of their university.
  • The average politician has absolutely no clue as to the day-to-day issues of their constituents.

and the list goes on.

What we see in the modern system is a perverse dysfunction of myopic operations loosely held together by a profit motive and no mutual understanding or common goals.

This is why it is to all intent and purposes a free for all when it comes to privatisation of public services, and the hijacking and break up of businesses for short-term gain.

The average person has now become habituated to living their lives in short-term satisfactions in a bubble of their own entertainments.

This is NOT humanity!

This is a retarded and institutionalised infantilism!


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